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Hampton Roads Home Cleaning and Lawn Care

Our mission is simple:

“To make the lives better for people in the home service industry, for both homeowners and workers.”


Home Cleaning
Our cleaners are ready for your hot mess. ūüôā

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Lawn Mowing
Our Stickle Pros are trained to manicure your lawn as if it were a golf course.

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20 Minutes or less. That’s our average response time.

Customers love that our technology¬†allows us to communicate when and how it’s convenient. ¬†Whether it’s via text, email, chat, or phone…you can depend on our responsive and professional team.



We are proud to have the finest people on our team.

We believe in two key things that make us your best choice: our customer service, and our amazing workforce. ¬†The key to quality service is having good people that love working with us. ¬†We take care of them. they’ll take care of you! ¬†It’s that simple.

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Average customer rating 4.9 stars


Experience the most value in home cleaning and lawn care

Our pricing is more affordable than ever!  Through the use of technology, you will know exactly what is being done at your home, when we will be showing up, and which team member took care of you each time.  We even send a detailed report with pictures and notes immediately after we finish.  You can manage everything on your device as well as autopay once the work is done.


Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, and Poquoson.

Rated #1 on Google for lawn care in Hampton VA, we’re your top choice. ¬†If you’re looking for the best lawn maintenance company in Hampton Roads, read our many reviews online and also check out our testimonials on our site.