How would you like to work for a company that encourages you to have fun and that allows you to take control of your own destiny?  We empower you to be better than you were yesterday and to always look for growth and success not just at Stickle, but also in your personal life.  Come work for a company that understands your priorities and goals.  We want you to achieve them.

Call our hiring number to apply: 757-514-8897

Biweekly Pay via Direct Deposit

Weekends Off

No Push Mowing

Performance Bonuses

Company Vehicle

Advancement Opportunity


Control your own destiny.

Work your way up the ladder. Earn paid days off from day one, take the company vehicle home, earn performance bonuses, and so much more.

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    Trainee ($9 per Hour training pay)

    After you’ve proven to us that you’re a good candidate for the job and are hired, you’ll be considered a Trainee and will need to learn the basic fundamentals of our processes and procedures.  Before being promoted to Level 1 Certified Tech, the employee must maintain an average 4.25 quality score from at least a 30% response rate and have no complaints for two straight weeks.  A complaint equals 3 stars and below.

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    Level I Certified Tech ($10.00 per Hour)

    As a Level I Certified Tech, you’ll be expected to maintain the minimum 4.25 average quality score with a 50% response rate.

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    Level II Certified Tech ($12.00 per Hour)

    As a Level II Certified Tech, you’ll be expected to maintain the minimum 4.50 average quality score with a 50% response rate while meeting budgeted times consistently.

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    Senior Technician (Up to $14.50 per Hour)

    At this part of the program, things get a little weird.  Soon, you will be paid based on the performance and overall customer satisfaction of you and your trainee that you are mentoring.  You will be required to read or listen to 3 out of 5 books and then do a book report on each one.  Once completed, you will have earned the Senior Technician title.

    They are required to maintain a 4.50 average quality score and consistently meet and exceed budgeted times for each job.  They are responsible for their team’s performance as well as their own.

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