Aeration Services

Hampton Roads Aeration Services

Our Hampton Roads Aeration Services will do more for your lawn then what any other service providers in this area has to offer. Our service areas for core aeration include: Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson, Williamsburg, Smithfield, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Va Beach. We offer the service in the spring period and late summer-early fall period. Aerating your lawn is essential for your lawn’s health. It is the process of removing little plugs of soil, giving benefits to the lawn. Our aeration services will do wonders to your yard. In fact, having your lawn correctly aerated by us is the number one most beneficial service you can receive for promoting a healthier, thicker, and greener lawn. We own and use top of the line aerators unlike what you will find most other contractors renting. Our machines are geared and driven by reciprocating tines that puncture the soil at a vertical angle and then they remove the plugs of soil straight out of the ground. This allows for less turf damage then what a typical rolling aerator will cause. Some of the many benefits that are provided by aerating with us include:
Reduction in the amount of weeds
A greater amount of nutrients reaching the roots
Prevents soil compaction
Increases growth
Improves oxygen circulation at the roots
Helps the roots absorb fertilizer
Helps increase activity of friendly organisms such as earthworms

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