Pine Straw Mulch

Pine Straw Mulch

Pine straw mulch is a quick and easy way to spruce up your landscape. Pine straw is a bi-product of pine trees and by using the needles, it provides eco-friendly growing conditions for trees, plants and shrubs. Not only does pine straw make a beautiful looking garden mulch, but it provides many benefits to your garden…

[heading]Encourages Healthy Plants & Soil[/heading]

Using pine straw for your landscape mulch promotes better soil and plant health. Pine needles are high in nitrogen so when the needles start to decompose it acts like a fertilizer to your plants.

[heading]Erosion Control[/heading]

Pine straw is very long-lasting and doesn’t float or wash away during rains. It also adheres well to slopes and will help your garden or landscape resist erosion acting as a blanket shielding plants from harsh weather.

[heading]Light Weight & Easy to Apply[/heading]

Pine straw is lightweight, easier to handle, and lighter per cubic foot than most other mulches. Just toss a few bales in the back of your vehicle, slip on your gloves and apply throughout your beds.

[heading]Weed Control[/heading]

Pine needles are an excellent weed deterrent as it reduces growth and protects your shrubs and trees. When using pine straw to reduce the weeds in your landscape apply it at about 3-inches deep. The deeper the pine straw, the better protection against weeds. In addition to deterring weeds, pine also reduces garden pests!

[heading]Visual Appeal[/heading]

Pine straw boasts a natural, auburn color and will hold its color longer than most other garden mulches. By not having to mulch as often, you will cut down on time and cost for re-applying mulch to the garden… and keep it looking fresh!

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