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fastest way to clean up leaves


The Fastest Way to Clean Up Leaves

The fastest way to clean up leaves is simple. Hire Stickle! Ok…that may not be the answer you were looking for. So I will let you in on a little secret into how we approach the leaf removal process. Our solution to the fallen dead leaves that blanket the earth every fall has been tested and proven to be the fastest way possible in performing your fall cleanup. There are several things to consider when you are ready to put on your coat and head outside to cleanup all the leaves.

First, how many leaves have fallen? If you regularly pick up the leaves and only a few are scattered on the ground, you can bring out the lawn mower and mulch or bag them. Either way will get the job done. Now if there are a handful of leaves laying around, your best bet is to blow them into piles and then rake them onto a tarp. Then maneuver the tarp and leaves to the front yard where you can then put them on the curb in bags. These are some great methods to your leaf cleanup problems. We incorporate some of these strategies in how we handle leaves as well.

By hiring Stickle Landscape Management to do your leaves, you can be sure to receive the fastest, most thorough fall cleanup offered. We use backpack leaf blowers to blow the leaves away from your foundation and out of your flower beds. Then we operate a large walkbehind blower that can blow huge amounts of leaves from the back of your property to the front at a very efficient pace. We will then use our debris vacuum which sucks them up and mulches them into little pieces. The mulched leaves are then loaded into the back of our truck. This process eliminates the use of plastic bags while drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to remove the leaves. Once all the leaves are cleaned up, We run over the entire yard with our mowers to leave you with a very clean cut and pristine finish. Once we are all done with the entire process, we haul away all the leaves and dump them at our site into large piles where we recycle them into compost. Check out how we do leaves below!

First, we make sure to blow all your leaves out of your landscape beds.
Once this is done, we blow them into a large pile.
We then move the pile of leaves to our dump truck that we use to haul them away.
After our debris loader vacuums up the leaves into mulched clippings, your lawn is leaf free.
We may then mow the lawn to leave your property with a perfectly manicured finish.


As you can tell…when it comes to leaves, we don’t play games. You can have peace of mind in knowing that when you hire us, your getting exactly what you pay for. If you are interested in having your leaves cleaned up, or you are curious about our curbside leaf pickup services, give us a call at 757-915-5562 or fill out an easy contact form by clicking here. We’ll get your leaves picked up in no time at all!